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Visualising Data with JavaScript cover image
Visualising Data with JavaScript

Visualising Data with JavaScript teaches you how to build charts, dashboards and data stories using Chart.js, Leaflet, D3 and React.

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Fundamentals of HTML, SVG, CSS & JavaScript for Data Visualisation book cover
Fundamentals of HTML, SVG, CSS & JavaScript for Data Visualisation

Learn the fundamentals of HTML, SVG, CSS and JavaScript for building data visualisations on the web.

Ideal if you're wanting to learn D3.js or you use Python and/or R and wish to get started with HTML, SVG, CSS and JavaScript. Straight to the point with lots of code examples.

Covers HTML elements, SVG elements, CSS flexbox, JavaScript operators, functions, etc.

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D3 Start to Finish book cover
D3 Start to Finish

"One of the best D3 books I've read. The contents are very clear, it is easy to follow and the concepts are very solid."

Javier García Fernández

D3 Start to Finish teaches you how to build a custom, interactive and beautiful data visualisation using the JavaScript library D3.js.

The book covers D3.js concepts such as selections, joins, requests, scale functions, event handling and transitions. You'll put these concepts into practice by building a custom, interactive data visualisation.

Over 30 chapters containing clear and concise explanations and plenty of code examples.

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